About us.

three brits walk into a bar and...

One is the owner.

One is a record producer and DJ.

One is an MJ (Marketing Jockey).

What the world doesn't need is another bloody gin.

Unless, of course, the gin is more creative, more inspired.

Impacted by the essential similarity of the 128 bottles of gin lined up on a shelf in Xixbar, Barcelona, an idea suggested itself.

With the Albert Adria restaurant "Tickets" just up the road, we knew that gin had to become a bit more experimental and daring to stay relevant. So we set to work.

Complex flavours via exotic bottanicals

A world full of spices, fruits, herbs and odd ways to process, fuse, abuse, blend, merge and combine them.

This is where Dick Boot steps in to apply his knowledge and afan for experimentation.

Travelling around in the music business, I tasted so much variety of flavours and ingredients. With so many ways to create new flavours, I thought 'why isn't gin more rock and roll and daring?'

Crook and Boot Formulating the Base London Dry gin
Crook and Boot Formulating the Base London Dry gin in Rawal Distillery*, Poblenou, Barcelona

Mission: create new experiences

When everything is samey, it’s time to get disruptive.

Why infuse a gin with a lemon that people already has in the fridge?

To bring value, we want to bring uniqueness, creativity, risk and daring. This is what happens in world-renowned Barcelona cocktail scene. 

We want our gin flavours to induce moods and experiences in some unique, Epicurean, and spelt-out way. We want out gins to be little cultural events.

* Rawal Distillery is run by Master Distiller, Sergi López Corredor. Rawal gin is an organic London Dry gin, craft-distilled in small batches of one hundred bottles. Natural product, with no sugars or chemicals added.