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El Mito

El mito

El Mito brings mythology and magic to your G&T

El Mito brings mythology and metamorphosis to a gin tonic. This Asian mix of refreshing, but exotic flavours produces an indigo coloured gin that transforms magically into a bright pink gin tonic on the introduction of citrus and tonic water.

Magic and alchemy, Thailand, China, Japan: El Mito

El mito
Gilded Buddha Ginebra

Gilded Buddha

Gin with Enticing Thai Aromas

Take a walk in the backstreets of Bangkok, smell the enticing blend of Thai aromatics: this is Gilded Buddha gin.

Gilded Buddha combines the lemon, mint and woody flavours of lemongrass with the peppery, sweet, pungent bite of ginger. Extra citrus added with the distinctly Thai flavour of aromatic kaffir lime leaves, a cross between mandarin, orange and lime.

Festival of Thai aromatics, lemon, minty, bite of ginger, twist of citrus: Gilded Buddha

Gilded Buddha