Tribal Pack – Arrive and Party Gin Tonics


    Celebration Kit of Gin and Tonics!

    Tribal Pack is for parties, get-togethers, celebrations, dinners, banquets and barbecues! It’s about turning up to the party and making a serious gin and tonic statement. “I’m here! Rock and roll!”.

    Those who brought wine will go green with envy as you unbox your treasure. This is a tribal celebration of gin and tonic, instant exuberance and energy, instant social cohesion, instant fun and connection.

    Simply choose your gin flavours, get the box, take out the gins, take out eight Premium tonics, slice the lemon, add the juniper berries or supplementary extra garnishes, pour the drinks and watch the waves of reaction flow through your party. 

    Serve your gin tonics, get up, dance, beat your chest, party and love life!