Mike Crook Gins Moluccas Gold

Moluccas Gold

Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom
Jamaican Five Spices
Jamaican 5 Spices
Oolong Leaves Mike Crook Gins
Oolong Chai

Smooth white flower & melon chai notes and Caribbean five-spice mix scented with orange blossom

Distilled in copper stills in Poblenou, Barcelona, our exclusive organic London Dry gin is especially created for our unique infusions,

500 ml.
45 percent.

Cocktail-class gin & tonics straight from the bottle

Suggested Gin & Tonic Serving:

1. Fill the glass with ice

2. Pour the Moluccas Gold over the ice

3. Add tonic (we prefer Fever Tree Original for Moluccas Gold)

5. Add a twist of orange, or peppercorn

6. Stir